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The Conference Committee invites proposals for papers, panels, and special sessions on the theme of “Looking Outward.” What did the Victorians see, feel, and think as they looked beyond the borders of their time and place? Proposals are especially invited on Victorians and the Caribbean or Latin America, or considering those regions in the British Victorian context, but we welcome a broad range of interpretations of the theme.

Topics may include:

  • -Victorians and Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia
  • -Imperialisms: formal and informal, external and internal, diplomacy, war
  • -Victorians and the universe: space, science, time
  • -New frontiers of vision: touch, taste, sound, scent, clairvoyance
  • -Feeling outward: affect and expansion, sensation, sentiment
  • -Looking at others, at home and abroad: race, ethnicity, class
  • -The foreign and the exotic: fashion, foldaways, art, literary form
  • -Forms, functions, and transformations
  • -Travel and travel writing, immigration and emigration
  • -Outside the individual: from psychology to sociology, anthropology, culture
  • -Land and sea: island, peninsula, sea, the maritime, vital materialism
  • -Looking upward: weather, storms, pollution
  • -Looking back: history, geology, deep time, the anthropocene, neo-Victorianism
  • -Looking outward from other locations: the view of Britain from other locales
  • -Looking beyond the human: animals, automata, posthumanism, the supernatural
  • -Suspicion and oversight: spying and intrigue, surveillance, discipline, policing local, regional, and national borders
  • -Optical technologies and visual aids, visual projection, blindness, barriers, and impairments
  • -Ethical vision: seeing the self in relation to others, social justice, charity, philanthropy, religion and spirituality
  • -Looking outside the field: problematizing or redefining “Victorian Studies,” new techniques of reading, Victorian Studies from other disciplinary vantage-points
  • -Nature: gardens, farmlands, wilderness

For individual papers, submit 500-word paper proposals, along with a one-page CV. For entire panels, submit the above for each paper, as well as a one-page summary of the panel.

We also invite roundtables with presentations focusing on new directions or topics of interest. These should feature 5-7 speakers giving short presentations in a format that encourages audience participation. For roundtable proposals, submit the above for each speaker, as well as a one-page summary of the roundtable.

Submissions must be made via the submissions portal.

The extended deadline for paper and panel submissions is Monday, March 26, 2018.